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Midwest EMI Associates offers various services which include:

Full range of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and ESD (electrostatic discharge) testing.

Our chief engineer is NARTE-certified and our laboratory has the most advanced test equipment commercially available. In a matter of a few hours, your device can be completely characterized. We have the design experience necessary to help you correct any deficiencies, which may be found by the testing procedure. We provide you with a detailed test report on our findings.

Medical Equipment Consulting.

Because medical devices are highly regulated and typically have lengthy product development cycles, it is advantageous to harden medical electronic designs against EMI early in development to design in safety and compliance. Our staff are experts in hazards analysis, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), design reliability, shielding, and obtaining regulatory approval.

RF Design Consulting.

Many of the same instruments used for EMI testing can also be used for optimization of RF and communications circuits. The potential for RF interference increases with circuit complexity. Unwanted interference can be minimized through the use of EMI testing, resulting in optimum circuit performance. The laboratory at Midwest EMI Associates has four high performance, computer-controlled spectrum analyzers, a tracking generator, a wide band signal generator, and a variety of antennas and other equipment, all of which are calibrated to demanding NIST and ANSI standards. We can also write software to coordinate the test equipment for specific tests and have extensive experience in RF and microwave design methods.

Assistance in obtaining CE Mark Certification.

We are recognized by NEMKO, so we can assist you in determining applicable test requirements and in ensuring that your products meet the stringent testing requirements of the European marketplace.

Component and Audio Testing.

If you have needs to test components or want to optimize components used in EMI investigations, we have test instruments to measure them and to perform automated sweep analysis. We also have a precision sound meter to measure the audio content of mechanized assemblies and can assist your group in reducing objectionable noise. Finally we also have equipment to perform real time Fourier analysis of complex waveforms that may be captured by transducers for display on an oscilloscope.

Automotive Testing.

Automotive Testing is now available.

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